The Inverrary Hotel chose FrontSuite after evaluating several software programs and determining that FrontSuite provides tremendous flexibility and almost unlimited system capabilities. Both, from a customer service and operational standpoint, FrontSuite exceeded our prior system and other systems we have evaluated.
I wish to thank you personally for providing training during the conversion. Your assistance reinforces our conviction that we made the right decision. The training was professional and capable to introduce us into all the system can do.
Once again, I highly recommend FrontSuite to any hotel searching for a new software package.

Hal N. Mayer


Shortly after using FrontSuite we were able to observe that the constant innovations and advancements introduced by FrontSuite allowed us to realize our labor in a more efficient and adequate way. The new management manner that FrontSuite offers has been translated into a sustainable time consuming cut, and above all, in being able to give our clients a better service. FrontSuite has been our business partner and we expect to remain receiving from this system a sustained improvement in the way we operate our business.
Thanks for the service and trustworthiness given by FrontSuite.

Nelson Castilla
Park Plaza


The FrontSuite hotel software has given to all our users many benefits and facilities and on the other hand, we have received all adequate support services at the time. Those are the reasons that the Company Board has decided to install FrontSuite in all our hotels and consider it as our Corporate Software for Club Regina.

Jaime González Ruiz
Projects and Technology Manager
Club Regina


In Hotel Atton, we use FrontSuite® from our very beginnings in the year
2000. We chose it because we find that it is a good product and that
there are a serious people behind, which make FrontSuite® to be reliable

Roberto Navarrete,
General Manager,
Hotel Atton

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